What You Seek

Day, Sunday. The rain, hard. My heart leaps in such weather. It craves for many things – long drives, steaming cups of coffee, the limbs of a lover intertwined with mine. But today I choose none of these. I gear myself in my windcheater instead, grab my phone and earphones and go out for a walk….

On Existence that is the Same as Non-Existence

Fair warning to the reader: Long rant ahead. About life. About non-life. Label it as me PMSing if you must, that is easily the most popular opinion/response I get on thoughts such as these. For others, if there are any such others, I’d love to hear from you if you have a differential diagnosis. I’ve…

Letting the Rain Wash it All Away

Your head is so consumed by thoughts that inactivity sets in. So you find an escape. By walking outdoors. By the sea front. In the rain. And what an experience! The rain kept beating at me incessantly and I kept going. The entire promenade empty, no one else daring to let the rain touch them….