I’m now blogging on Medium

To all the followers of my blog, firstly, thank you for your words of appreciation and encouragement. I write better knowing you are reading. WordPress has been my home for 13 years, and now I take to a new platform. I'm now blogging on Medium. If you have been following me here, please do meet … Continue reading I’m now blogging on Medium


A Dance with Dragons: Dreams and Dust by George R.R. Martin

*This book review contains spoilers* George R.R. Martin. You love him and then you hate him. Eventually you do love him. But it drives me crazy that this book is not a sequel to his last one; it runs in parallel instead. So the chapter about Jon which is really happening in sequence somewhere in … Continue reading A Dance with Dragons: Dreams and Dust by George R.R. Martin

The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo by Stieg Larsson

Mikael Blomkvist is a respected journalist in the Swedish circles. But a case involving a businessman turns bitter, when Mikael is unable to defend himself in court and prove the allegations he has penned in his article. With his career sliding down, Mikael has every intention of going into exile and that's when an intriguing opportunity … Continue reading The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo by Stieg Larsson

Patient Zero of Internet Shaming

The year - 1998. The headline -  Clinton Accused of Urging Aide to Lie. A seemingly innocuous statement. Politicians after all seem to be surrounded by tales of lies and deceit. But this headline from the Washington Post, was the spark that ignited the scandal that caused the impeachment of a President. What happened to the woman in … Continue reading Patient Zero of Internet Shaming

The Translator by Nina Schuyler

In silken prose and with subtle suspense, Nina Schuyler brings us a mesmerizing novel of language and translation, memory loss and heartbreak, and the search for answers in a foreign country. When renowned translator Hanne Schubert falls down a flight of stairs, her injury is an unusual but real condition--the loss of her native language. … Continue reading The Translator by Nina Schuyler

B is for Brother

I was blessed. He was cursed. Even though we were born together.   They threw him out after cutting him from the womb. They kept me.   I took him back in, decades later and let him cry on my shoulder. Then I took a knife and gently pierced it into my mother’s womb.

A is for Annihilation

At first, he wanted to make it quick, one slash and a burst of fountain, twenty minutes to the end. But when he began working, he did it very slowly. A trickle at a time. Hours to the end. With each passing second, the feeling of life grew stronger. As it escaped from his wrists.

Of Times Passing By

Whence comes this time? Where I have learned & lost, Labored, pained, cried, Laughed, smiled, loved, Hated, detested, bitched Been an angel & decayed I will dig up this time Never to recall it, perhaps, But there is no denying, These have been the most memorable years Of what I’ve lived thus far