Lust For Life and The Urgent Need For It

I finished reading Lust for Life by Irving Stone earlier today yesterday and wonderful though the story is, it left me heartbroken. Of course, if the story is that of an artist, and a pained artist like Van Gogh, there is bound to be a profound sadness that settles within. If you haven't already read it,… Continue reading Lust For Life and The Urgent Need For It


Reflecting on Life and Other Interestingness from Confessions of a Storyteller

It's been a weird past week for me, with all the festivity in the air, a LOT of melancholy, tad bit anxiety and a minor pinch of meaninglessness creeping into the mind in the dead of the night. Talking about it was nigh impossible for two reasons -  I don't talk to all that many… Continue reading Reflecting on Life and Other Interestingness from Confessions of a Storyteller

To Love What You Do and Other Things That Seem Important Today

It isn't easy to love what you do. Or do what you love. I am fortunate in that sense. I got both. If you know me, you'd know already what I mean. If you don't, well, it's my love for words and stories and the immense power they hold in connecting you with yourself and… Continue reading To Love What You Do and Other Things That Seem Important Today

Random Questions. Answer Maybe?

So last week I said I'll talk about a couple of things (read about it here). I did write some but didn't meet my goal. I'll try to get back on track again this week. For this post, I decided to jot down a random list of questions that have been on my mind lately.… Continue reading Random Questions. Answer Maybe?

On Writing (and the help I could use)

Writing has always been a catharsis for me. Trouble is, I'm not consistent about it. A friend of mine suggested this trick - write at least 1,000 words a day. No matter what. And that's exactly what I'm going to do from today onwards. I'm going to aim to write 1,000 words daily on this… Continue reading On Writing (and the help I could use)

No Man’s Land

All the men are gone. Or shall I say, lost? This once sprawling city is nothing but ruins now, except not literally. The cost of war is often more easily seen in crumbling buildings, not in the haunted eyes of the women they leave behind. To whom do the cries of eighty-year-old mothers or eight-year-old… Continue reading No Man’s Land