Now What?

There was a thought, a random one. I kept it in a safe place. The place was raided, my thoughts paraded, and I felt naked. Question is, what do I do with the rest of my thoughts now?


One Half of a Whole

Ek umar nikal gayi Phir bhi tu mujhe mila nahi A heavy heart I carry. One of unfulfilled dreams, unrequited love. I continue to carry on, still believing that someday I'll find you. Touch your skin and know it's you. But for now loneliness is starting to settle deep inside my bones. Run through my … Continue reading One Half of a Whole

What Makes Me, Me?

I don't know what makes me, me. Is it this prison of a mind that often holds me captive in its thoughts? Or this heart that stabs me with pain with each beat? Is it this body that aches because maybe my bones are too soft? Or is it this skin that ages, reminding me … Continue reading What Makes Me, Me?