About Me

I’m Mostly A Writer

I love all things artistic and aesthetic. I find beauty in the mundane, enjoy even the little things. Marketing projects result in food on the table, but food for soul comes from the written word for me.

Spontaneous by nature, not much of a planner. I’m into deep conversations, not into small talks. An introvert on most days, but not anti-social. Not a party-hopper but leave me with my people and a completely crazy, wild side of me emerges. Not into Facebook at all, but addicted to Twitter.

Aspiring to be a novelist, a storyteller and a globetrotter.

What I Just Finished Writing

The Futility of It All

What Are Cities Made Of?

2017: The Year That Was

What I Write About

Books: Reviewing books of budding and bestselling authors alike

History: Writing a little bit on things past, on things famous (and sometimes, infamous)

Musings: Rambling on life, on people, and almost everything else

Photography: Penning words inspired by moments, memories, patterns captured on a lens

Poetry: Crafting verses, with and without rhyme and reason

Stories: Creating fictional characters, scenes, worlds when imagination runs riot

Travel: Exploring beaten and off-beat tracks

I’ve Been Writing Since 2003

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In Case You Want To Write To Me

Drop me a note at sanskriti.n@gmail.com

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