I have in my life so far been witness to a number of terrorist incidents both in Mumbai and beyond. But nothing beats the nightmare that began 20 hours earlier. The sheer plan of action being executed by the terrorists seems brazen. Fanned out across South Mumbai targeting a hospital, a café, a railway station,... Continue Reading →

Now You Freeze Me

Now you freeze me... And I can feel my bones, my flesh go raw And memories of warmth and heat come Gushing to me, teasing me For they lie in a time far from now And this wait makes me yearn, ... while you continue to freeze me  

What’s Stopping You?

You are there holding your lover’s hand What’s stoping you from telling them ‘I Love You’? You’re on the phone with your best friend What’s stopping you from telling them ‘I Treasure You’? You’re listening to your mom talk about her housing tips What’s stopping you from telling her ‘I Miss You’? In the darkest... Continue Reading →

Boxed In

It's that stifling feeling again. This time it's due to lack of association… new place, new people, graver acts, stranger gossip. It's that feeling of being inside a bubble, watching a show from outside my own body. It's the feeling of insecurity, of being one in too much of a crowd. It's more than wanting... Continue Reading →

And Time Betrays Us

Lost in your embrace, I can't seem to remember The last time I cried, The last time I felt pain. Yet, here I am Crying my heart out, As if nothing could be worse, Nothing else could break me. Why can't we just stand still Like this, forever? Why must time Betray us like this?... Continue Reading →

Of Times Passing By

Whence comes this time? Where I have learned & lost, Labored, pained, cried, Laughed, smiled, loved, Hated, detested, bitched Been an angel & decayed I will dig up this time Never to recall it, perhaps, But there is no denying, These have been the most memorable years Of what I’ve lived thus far

Goodbye Gloria

Bereavement from a loved one tears at one’s heart. It leaves behind a trail of memories in its wake and an emptiness inside. There are tears, ‘what if’s’ and recalls from the past. To lose Gloria is like having lost my baby. Being with her for 7 years, ever since she was about a month... Continue Reading →

This Little Beast of Mine

This was written in connection with something I do not wish to elaborate… but it's the first sign of my defiance attitude…or shall I say… 'I don’t care if I end up in the drain, as long as I'm smug and my mind is at peace.' Its something only those with rebel instincts would understand...... Continue Reading →

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