2007: The Year That Was

It’s nearly the dusk of this year. As will always be, the earth will continue its cycle of orbiting around the sun (unless it’s that damned time when the universe begins to disintegrate), ushering in heat, rain & snow (if I don’t include the global warming aspect), all with the turn of the year. For... Continue Reading →

On the Other Side

The traffic is always non-existent On the other side of the road The queue next to you Always moves faster The sky is always clouded Just when you want sunshine And it gets freaking hot When you in mood for a cool outing Isn’t it a wonder? That at times, The world starts taking a... Continue Reading →

It’s Your World Against Mine

I look at you looking at me And I know what’s on your mind Through your eyes and mine You wish to see the world tonight But why oh why Can’t this be true? Why can’t I love you? What’s that line in between? It’s your world against mine In my lap Rests your head... Continue Reading →

The Lifeless Body

I guess, just about everyone has 'one of those days', which I define as far from being happy, more precisely, (just to be subtle) gloomy days. What one feels (& thinks) could be extremely variable but there is no doubt, that for all, it's like looking down into an abyss of void. I have given... Continue Reading →

The Age of Reason

There was this time more than a decade ago, when I was completely care-free, full of life. The day began on an eager note and went by, as I frolicked about loving everything that came my way. My imagination then was limited but I kept accumulating my day’s thoughts at the back of my mind,... Continue Reading →

Playing Cupid

You plague my heart, The poor unsuspecting cupid of a thing You tempt and torment it And make every beat of it Dance to your tunes How do I break free? How do I unchain it? You have bound it with barbed wires The more I struggle to break it free The more wounded it... Continue Reading →

This Life of Mine

And once again I’ll wither away And fall onto the ground. But not one will notice my death And I’ll be gone. With a heart beating They say I’m still alive. But am I? I ask again Coz I feel no life. What happened to those yesteryears? When life was more like life. Unlike these... Continue Reading →

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