Abandon: a thorough yielding to natural impulses; especially : enthusiasm, exuberance "With absolute abandon, I wanna dance tonight In the dead of night, under the moonlight Skirts gathered in my hand, rustling and falling apart With absolute abandon, I wanna drink tonight Upon the ocean, boat swaying in motion Hair cascading down my back, lifting... Continue Reading →

If we were a day…

... we would be a really long one. With a slight edge of grey, a lining of silver strewn on the edges. Perhaps a light drizzle, not the kind to make you feel gloomy, but the kind that takes away your pain. The streets would be nearly empty; people scattered and far in between. It... Continue Reading →

Why Write?

I made myself promise that I would write more consistently, with as much vigour as I used to during college. I have been tuned to rationalise most acts that occupy my energy and time. So this is what I came up with when I asked myself why in the world should I display any enthusiasm... Continue Reading →

A numb, plastic feel

I let myself bleed freely though discreetly Till none is left but a numb, plastic feel Then how is it that when he walks by, Without me even turning my head, My heart begins to thud uncontrollably?   Any who would hear my tale, Would seek to advice me against And do I not myself... Continue Reading →

It stabs

...like a wound inflicted by an enemy, in distaste, not in haste but slowly, as if the longer the torture, better the torment. Why should I be trapped such? Shall peace never be mine again? Must I spoil something that doesn't even exist yet? If laughter I could have and a little warmth perhaps I... Continue Reading →

The Translator by Nina Schuyler

In silken prose and with subtle suspense, Nina Schuyler brings us a mesmerizing novel of language and translation, memory loss and heartbreak, and the search for answers in a foreign country. When renowned translator Hanne Schubert falls down a flight of stairs, her injury is an unusual but real condition--the loss of her native language.... Continue Reading →

Of Mice and Men by John Steinbeck

A beautiful story of two men, wanderers, who shuttle from town to town to work at ranches. George and Lenny are an odd couple, one of those who needs to look out for each other. George is an average guy with dreams of his land. Lenny, strongly built, is the slow one, slow at understanding... Continue Reading →

Here’s the thing about life…

It feeds you, it leads you and just when you think things are perfect it begins to kill you. You don’t fail to find happiness. Even the smallest things will delight you. But slowly and surely life begins to creep up on you. All those moments, when you felt blessed are flicked away, like the way... Continue Reading →

Alms for the Poor

“Wow! You’re so pretty! What a lovely scarf you’ve got on.” She says all this in impeccable English. No grammatical errors, no hesitation on her part. English isn’t her first language. Nor her second. In fact, she doesn’t know much English beyond this. The only reason she speaks the language is because I do. She... Continue Reading →

On My Love of Reading (NaPoWriMo #6)

What of the world and the conversations to be had? Of the incessant, noisy chatter and gossips Of who said what to whom and why Leave me out of such social settings That require me to watch my dresses Perhaps, even my weight I'm of another world, right here, Curled up with this tome of... Continue Reading →

Crush my Dreams (NaPoWriMo #5)

  Crush my dreams, why don’t you? Stomp on, tear them, break it and then set it on fire Let them be reduced to ashes enough So that I can’t get to them again   Then when my mind is free from such clutter Let it be painted with your precious advice For what worked... Continue Reading →

A Girl Named Memwemchuk (NaPoWriMo #2)

  Imagine a girl named Memwemchuk A name that has you laughing till your sides hurt You wonder why her parents would name her that And you wonder if Memwemchuk even means anything You wonder for a day, a week, a month And then a year later she tells you 'My name isn't Memwemchuk' And... Continue Reading →

Being Me (NaPoWriMo #1)

I'm participating in NaPoWriMo (National Poetry Writing Month) this April, and I'm super-excited! I have to devote myself to writing a poem a day and I've no idea how sincerely I can keep up and whether my creative juices will keep flowing that frequently, but I'm attempting it all the same. Here's Day 01 Verse...... Continue Reading →

Stop and Stare

There are nights like these, few and far in between, when I stop and stare.. stare and give myself up to that part of the night that has nothing to do with me. It is a night you want to enjoy alone and yet you're not lonely.  It is a night when you just leave... Continue Reading →

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