This Whole Being

Look into my eyes And you will believe If there is honesty It is in me Listen to my voices And you will believe If there is truth It is in me Look at my actions And you will believe If there is resolution It is in me Look into my heart And you will... Continue Reading →

On Death

Many have seen That mystery unknown Far away in darkness That to others, never has shown All say it is a curse A horrible end to a beautiful stay I believe it is only The rest at the end of a tiring day

The Last of the Angels

The last of the angels are gone Darkness spreads its wings now Hovering over my soul It cries foul Stunned I am by its ugly face That casts its shadow over me Now there is no chance but one It’s time for you to come and deliver me Deliver me from evil And the vice... Continue Reading →


Empty spaces and void Were all for me to see Nothing was how It was meant to be In thunders and storms There were silences In peace and quiet There were noises Faces frolicked When none were around Voices were heard When there was no sound They called me insane And put me behind bars... Continue Reading →

In the Dead of the Dark

The flames blow out With the gust of a wind And plunge the world into darkness Without any hint The dead of the night fills With the cries from the cradle As a mother in the corner Fills jars with a ladle ‘Hush my child’, she says, ‘Don’t wake up the sleeping ones, If they... Continue Reading →

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