A Happy Ending?

How is it that it becomes the ultimate pursuit of life? As if we are reading our own life's stories and skimming through all the pages, skipping paragraphs, flipping pages in a hurry, just to reach the end that says "happily ever after". I grew up reading fairy-tales. And I believed them. In all sincerity. I... Continue Reading →

I don't want a happily ever after; I want a happy every day

Where are you?

Dear Diary, I can't remember what you look like! I left you somewhere three weeks ago, and now, no matter where I look, I can't seem to find you. You contained all of my heart; everything I ever thought that I wanted to write, I penned it in, in you. But I left you by... Continue Reading →

Day 2: A Very Touristy London

9 a.m. and I'm in front of the Big Ben. There's something surreal about capturing that moment, the imprint of that exact time. That hour of the first day of the week when I should be holed up in my cubicle, encased in a glass building. But I'm not. Not on this Monday at least.

Awful Reading Count

If there's one new year resolution I make each year (and since 2013 I've taken it more seriously than previously), it is to read 50 books a year. Paperbacks. Ebooks. First-time reads. Reading a favourite again. Living my days in 1,000 page tomes or indulging in 100 page novellas that I can get through in... Continue Reading →

#OneLoveStory Unlocked

S.B. - No Friday evening is complete without you. Or Thursday. Or Wednesday. The Setting: A bistro The Hour: Just the one when you dine The mind wanders. To the next table. A regular guy, a regular girl. Friday night. Date night? We don't know. So I begin a game with S.B. How will the... Continue Reading →

An Accidental Connection

One of my very good friends once told me that to truly connect with someone, you must assess three types of attachment - physical, mental and emotional. The same friend also said that to truly discover a person you must converse with them in three ways - meet them in person, talk to them over the phone and text... Continue Reading →

Sometimes I Cry for Lesser Reasons

For lost one-sided love For lost unrestrained laughter at the pretend miseries of friends For lost self-deprecating humour For lost faith in myself when I disappoint someone For lost innocence of my childhood For lost opportunities of saying "I miss you", "I love you", "Goodbye"

I tasted the ocean, and never had life felt as intense as it did in that moment of dying

The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo by Stieg Larsson

Mikael Blomkvist is a respected journalist in the Swedish circles. But a case involving a businessman turns bitter, when Mikael is unable to defend himself in court and prove the allegations he has penned in his article. With his career sliding down, Mikael has every intention of going into exile and that's when an intriguing opportunity... Continue Reading →

Patient Zero of Internet Shaming

The year - 1998. The headline -  Clinton Accused of Urging Aide to Lie. A seemingly innocuous statement. Politicians after all seem to be surrounded by tales of lies and deceit. But this headline from the Washington Post, was the spark that ignited the scandal that caused the impeachment of a President. What happened to the woman in... Continue Reading →

Well, that’s not what would have immediately come to your mind if you were to think of Adolf Hitler. Seventy years since his death, the very word Hitler continues to remain synonymous with uncontrolled tyranny, unwarranted violence and unjustified racism. But before all the hatred and bitterness in him was invading other nations and wrecking havoc... Continue Reading →

The King’s General by Daphne du Maurier

**This book review contains spoilers** Plot: Honor Harris is a strong heroine, one of a rare quality. She makes an early enemy of her sister-in-law Gartred Grenvile, and would have been destined to always stand in opposition to the Grenviles, had it not been her fate to fall in love with Gartred's brother Richard, at... Continue Reading →

Bewitching Hour

Some would call it an hour in the dead of the night, but for me, on most nights, this is the hour when I feel most alive. There is absolute silence, with an occasional bark of a dog or the screech of a car being driven by a hasty driver, shattering the quiet. But I... Continue Reading →

A Eulogy – Dedicated to my Grandma

You have experienced enough of life to understand that all things are transitory. That which makes you miserable slowly goes away and that which hearten you, goes away…perhaps a little too quickly. Yet the one thing you never prepare yourself for, and what sane person would, is for the passing of a loved one. Aren’t... Continue Reading →


Abandon: a thorough yielding to natural impulses; especially : enthusiasm, exuberance "With absolute abandon, I wanna dance tonight In the dead of night, under the moonlight Skirts gathered in my hand, rustling and falling apart With absolute abandon, I wanna drink tonight Upon the ocean, boat swaying in motion Hair cascading down my back, lifting... Continue Reading →

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