Day 5: Vineyards and Windmills

A cloudy, grey day this morning – exactly the kind I love. I’m in the Upper Rhine, in the area of Koblenz. It’s chilly enough to irritate my lungs, but apart from that it’s the kind of day I’d love to be outdoors.

Day 4: Venice of the North

The first thing that strikes me about Amsterdam during the light of the day is the city’s architecture. From historical buildings to canal houses to innovative modern designs, Amsterdam must surely be a delight for design lovers.

Day 3: Crossing that Channel

This is the day I make my way to the continent. I’m fascinated at the idea of crossing the English Channel, it’s something I’ve wanted to do since I was 10.

Day 2: A Very Touristy London

9 a.m. and I’m in front of the Big Ben. There’s something surreal about capturing that moment, the imprint of that exact time. That hour of the first day of the week when I should be holed up in my cubicle, encased in a glass building. But I’m not. Not on this Monday at least.