#OneLoveStory Blocked

It's a blind date (or the version of blind dates that exist in 2016). It's the first time the girl is meeting the guy. Girl in pink pants, golden shoes. Guy: You're flamboyant Girl rolls her eyes. You're judgemental. She thinks to herself. Guy: Wow, that's a designer watch you're wearing. You like watches? Girl: Yes, … Continue reading #OneLoveStory Blocked


B is for Brother

I was blessed. He was cursed. Even though we were born together.   They threw him out after cutting him from the womb. They kept me.   I took him back in, decades later and let him cry on my shoulder. Then I took a knife and gently pierced it into my mother’s womb.

A is for Annihilation

At first, he wanted to make it quick, one slash and a burst of fountain, twenty minutes to the end. But when he began working, he did it very slowly. A trickle at a time. Hours to the end. With each passing second, the feeling of life grew stronger. As it escaped from his wrists.