No Man’s Land

All the men are gone. Or shall I say, lost? This once sprawling city is nothing but ruins now, except not literally. The cost of war is often more easily seen in crumbling buildings, not in the haunted eyes of the women they leave behind. To whom do the cries of eighty-year-old mothers or eight-year-old daughters reach? I, of course, matter little in these scheme of … Continue reading No Man’s Land

#OneLoveStory Blocked

It’s a blind date (or the version of blind dates that exist in 2016). It’s the first time the girl is meeting the guy. Girl in pink pants, golden shoes. Guy: You’re flamboyant Girl rolls her eyes. You’re judgemental. She thinks to herself. Guy: Wow, that’s a designer watch you’re wearing. You like watches? Girl: Yes, I do. Guy: I like watches too. I have a … Continue reading #OneLoveStory Blocked