#OneLoveStory Blocked

It's a blind date (or the version of blind dates that exist in 2016). It's the first time the girl is meeting the guy. Girl in pink pants, golden shoes. Guy: You're flamboyant Girl rolls her eyes. You're judgemental. She thinks to herself. Guy: Wow, that's a designer watch you're wearing. You like watches? Girl: Yes,... Continue Reading →

#OneLoveStory Unlocked

S.B. - No Friday evening is complete without you. Or Thursday. Or Wednesday. The Setting: A bistro The Hour: Just the one when you dine The mind wanders. To the next table. A regular guy, a regular girl. Friday night. Date night? We don't know. So I begin a game with S.B. How will the... Continue Reading →

Small Talk

Shit. He has changed so much! And not just in appearance she thought. When she walked in she gave him a casual hug, which he didn’t respond to very well. Maybe I should have just shaken his hand. Or simply said hello. I shouldn’t have touched him. I shall never ever again make physical contact... Continue Reading →

B is for Brother

I was blessed. He was cursed. Even though we were born together.   They threw him out after cutting him from the womb. They kept me.   I took him back in, decades later and let him cry on my shoulder. Then I took a knife and gently pierced it into my mother’s womb.

A is for Annihilation

At first, he wanted to make it quick, one slash and a burst of fountain, twenty minutes to the end. But when he began working, he did it very slowly. A trickle at a time. Hours to the end. With each passing second, the feeling of life grew stronger. As it escaped from his wrists.

The Rat Lord

He did not have a name. Well, he was a rat, you don’t really expect the rat community to name their offspring at birth! Well, let’s say you are a kid who insists on this rat having a name, then I name him…Dolby. So Dolby was a rat who lived in the sewers in the... Continue Reading →

I Never Did Abandon You

‘Father, why have you abandoned me?’ His pleas went unheard. None of his friends stood by him. The promises of giving up their lives for his sake, were broken without even so much as a thought and they all abandoned him, each lucky to save his own skin. Guilt would overtake them later, and they... Continue Reading →

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