Sometimes I Cry for Lesser Reasons

For lost one-sided love For lost unrestrained laughter at the pretend miseries of friends For lost self-deprecating humour For lost faith in myself when I disappoint someone For lost innocence of my childhood For lost opportunities of saying "I miss you", "I love you", "Goodbye"


Abandon: a thorough yielding to natural impulses; especially : enthusiasm, exuberance "With absolute abandon, I wanna dance tonight In the dead of night, under the moonlight Skirts gathered in my hand, rustling and falling apart With absolute abandon, I wanna drink tonight Upon the ocean, boat swaying in motion Hair cascading down my back, lifting... Continue Reading →

A numb, plastic feel

I let myself bleed freely though discreetly Till none is left but a numb, plastic feel Then how is it that when he walks by, Without me even turning my head, My heart begins to thud uncontrollably?   Any who would hear my tale, Would seek to advice me against And do I not myself... Continue Reading →

On My Love of Reading (NaPoWriMo #6)

What of the world and the conversations to be had? Of the incessant, noisy chatter and gossips Of who said what to whom and why Leave me out of such social settings That require me to watch my dresses Perhaps, even my weight I'm of another world, right here, Curled up with this tome of... Continue Reading →

Crush my Dreams (NaPoWriMo #5)

  Crush my dreams, why don’t you? Stomp on, tear them, break it and then set it on fire Let them be reduced to ashes enough So that I can’t get to them again   Then when my mind is free from such clutter Let it be painted with your precious advice For what worked... Continue Reading →

A Girl Named Memwemchuk (NaPoWriMo #2)

  Imagine a girl named Memwemchuk A name that has you laughing till your sides hurt You wonder why her parents would name her that And you wonder if Memwemchuk even means anything You wonder for a day, a week, a month And then a year later she tells you 'My name isn't Memwemchuk' And... Continue Reading →

Being Me (NaPoWriMo #1)

I'm participating in NaPoWriMo (National Poetry Writing Month) this April, and I'm super-excited! I have to devote myself to writing a poem a day and I've no idea how sincerely I can keep up and whether my creative juices will keep flowing that frequently, but I'm attempting it all the same. Here's Day 01 Verse...... Continue Reading →

Mind Games

There is a mind I know I know it all too well ‘coz I got stuck up there And couldn’t find a way out. Every time I made an escape I got sucked into the vortex For I was born with this mind And with it I had to live I thought, ‘What if, I... Continue Reading →

To A Party

I went partying to a party where there were many a drinks and dances and I loved the twirls and the swirls while envious people were held up outside I enjoyed the music that vibrated through my spine And learnt to tap dance too I loved the lighting of the place That set in me... Continue Reading →

If I Told You

  If I posted all my love notes right here And told you, you were my love Would you love me then? And if you told me you loved me And I said it was too late now Would you hate me then? Because if you could just hate me Maybe then I could stop... Continue Reading →

Now You Freeze Me

Now you freeze me... And I can feel my bones, my flesh go raw And memories of warmth and heat come Gushing to me, teasing me For they lie in a time far from now And this wait makes me yearn, ... while you continue to freeze me  

What’s Stopping You?

You are there holding your lover’s hand What’s stoping you from telling them ‘I Love You’? You’re on the phone with your best friend What’s stopping you from telling them ‘I Treasure You’? You’re listening to your mom talk about her housing tips What’s stopping you from telling her ‘I Miss You’? In the darkest... Continue Reading →

And Time Betrays Us

Lost in your embrace, I can't seem to remember The last time I cried, The last time I felt pain. Yet, here I am Crying my heart out, As if nothing could be worse, Nothing else could break me. Why can't we just stand still Like this, forever? Why must time Betray us like this?... Continue Reading →

Of Times Passing By

Whence comes this time? Where I have learned & lost, Labored, pained, cried, Laughed, smiled, loved, Hated, detested, bitched Been an angel & decayed I will dig up this time Never to recall it, perhaps, But there is no denying, These have been the most memorable years Of what I’ve lived thus far

On the Other Side

The traffic is always non-existent On the other side of the road The queue next to you Always moves faster The sky is always clouded Just when you want sunshine And it gets freaking hot When you in mood for a cool outing Isn’t it a wonder? That at times, The world starts taking a... Continue Reading →

It’s Your World Against Mine

I look at you looking at me And I know what’s on your mind Through your eyes and mine You wish to see the world tonight But why oh why Can’t this be true? Why can’t I love you? What’s that line in between? It’s your world against mine In my lap Rests your head... Continue Reading →

Playing Cupid

You plague my heart, The poor unsuspecting cupid of a thing You tempt and torment it And make every beat of it Dance to your tunes How do I break free? How do I unchain it? You have bound it with barbed wires The more I struggle to break it free The more wounded it... Continue Reading →

This Life of Mine

And once again I’ll wither away And fall onto the ground. But not one will notice my death And I’ll be gone. With a heart beating They say I’m still alive. But am I? I ask again Coz I feel no life. What happened to those yesteryears? When life was more like life. Unlike these... Continue Reading →

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