What If I’m Too Old Already?

The angst of an artist is the same as that of a scientist. The thirst for more never ceases. Imagination never ceases. The quest for building bigger and better masterpieces never ceases. But what if the creative genius or the brain of a brilliant scientist comes with an expiry? What if 30 is the age when the physical constitution and mental faculties begin to slow … Continue reading What If I’m Too Old Already?

Things That Happen When You Sneak About After Midnight

Sneaking around the house, after everyone has called it a night, is not without its risks. Here’s what happens when you tip-toe around in the dead of the night. If you are me, you are certain to bump into furniture. Stubbing your toe is a given. Followed by an elbow or a shin hit. If it is a particularly unfortunate night, you will bump into … Continue reading Things That Happen When You Sneak About After Midnight

On Existence that is the Same as Non-Existence

Fair warning to the reader: Long rant ahead. About life. About non-life. Label it as me PMSing if you must, that is easily the most popular opinion/response I get on thoughts such as these. For others, if there are any such others, I’d love to hear from you if you have a differential diagnosis. I’ve been preoccupied lately, trying to understand the purpose of existence. … Continue reading On Existence that is the Same as Non-Existence

How Do I Feel At the Moment?

“Lately, I find myself out gazing at stars Hearing guitars, like someone in love Sometimes the things you do astound me Mostly whenever you are around me” ~ Diana Krall Here’s the thing about feelings – they are transitory. One moment you are sulking, feeling small and insignificant, and the next, you are joyous, believing that nothing could be better. So like a pendulum swinging … Continue reading How Do I Feel At the Moment?

An open letter to parents who keep pushing their kids to get married

Dear Parent, I know how important it is to you to see me happy. And you believe that me being married & having kids is the answer to that.I’d like to be married and make babies some day. But I can’t tell you when that might happen or with whom or if it might happen at all. It doesn’t help that EACH DAY you find a … Continue reading An open letter to parents who keep pushing their kids to get married

A Girl Reduced to a Series of Texts

I loved the age when technology could not touch me, could not pervade my senses, could not creep into my personal space. If someone wanted to reach me on the phone, they would leave messages for me on my landline, and I would call back, at my leisure. When friends made plans, we didn’t end up constantly texting each other to check where they were; we … Continue reading A Girl Reduced to a Series of Texts

A Migraine isn’t Just a Headache

Not every headache one has is a migraine. Not every headache I have is a migraine. It’s a pity though that people will sometimes claim they are suffering from a migraine when it is, in most likelihood, just a bad headache. A migraine is a lot more than the usual ache at the end of a stressful day. It is a debilitating condition that strikes without … Continue reading A Migraine isn’t Just a Headache

An Accidental Connection

One of my very good friends once told me that to truly connect with someone, you must assess three types of attachment – physical, mental and emotional. The same friend also said that to truly discover a person you must converse with them in three ways – meet them in person, talk to them over the phone and text them (or whatsapp, as the case may be). Over time, I … Continue reading An Accidental Connection

Patient Zero of Internet Shaming

The year – 1998. The headline –  Clinton Accused of Urging Aide to Lie. A seemingly innocuous statement. Politicians after all seem to be surrounded by tales of lies and deceit. But this headline from the Washington Post, was the spark that ignited the scandal that caused the impeachment of a President. What happened to the woman in the tale? People who were surfing the Internet then are … Continue reading Patient Zero of Internet Shaming

A Eulogy – Dedicated to my Grandma

You have experienced enough of life to understand that all things are transitory. That which makes you miserable slowly goes away and that which hearten you, goes away…perhaps a little too quickly. Yet the one thing you never prepare yourself for, and what sane person would, is for the passing of a loved one. Aren’t people supposed to be the one constant thing? You may … Continue reading A Eulogy – Dedicated to my Grandma

Here’s the thing about life…

It feeds you, it leads you and just when you think things are perfect it begins to kill you. You don’t fail to find happiness. Even the smallest things will delight you. But slowly and surely life begins to creep up on you. All those moments, when you felt blessed are flicked away, like the way you’d swat at a fly. You begin to doubt yourself. … Continue reading Here’s the thing about life…

Alms for the Poor

“Wow! You’re so pretty! What a lovely scarf you’ve got on.” She says all this in impeccable English. No grammatical errors, no hesitation on her part. English isn’t her first language. Nor her second. In fact, she doesn’t know much English beyond this. The only reason she speaks the language is because I do. She knows that I’m educated, a working woman, independent and secure. … Continue reading Alms for the Poor


I have in my life so far been witness to a number of terrorist incidents both in Mumbai and beyond. But nothing beats the nightmare that began 20 hours earlier. The sheer plan of action being executed by the terrorists seems brazen. Fanned out across South Mumbai targeting a hospital, a café, a railway station, a residential complex and two extremely posh and popular hotels, … Continue reading 26/11

2007: The Year That Was

It’s nearly the dusk of this year. As will always be, the earth will continue its cycle of orbiting around the sun (unless it’s that damned time when the universe begins to disintegrate), ushering in heat, rain & snow (if I don’t include the global warming aspect), all with the turn of the year. For me, it’s the time to pack away this year’s thoughts … Continue reading 2007: The Year That Was