An open letter to parents who keep pushing their kids to get married

Dear Parent,
I know how important it is to you to see me happy. And you believe that me being married & having kids is the answer to that.I’d like to be married and make babies some day. But I can’t tell you when that might happen or with whom or if it might happen at all. It doesn’t help that EACH DAY you find a way to sneak in the topic of marriage & grandchildren.
I am fed up of the emotional manipulation. Every time you start with the M word it fuels my anxiety. Makes me claustrophobic. Makes me withdraw into my shell.It takes away my focus from work. My date keeps asking what’s wrong because I can’t focus on the movie. I’m restless all night & can’t sleep.
Do you understand that in your attempt to see me happy, all your actions are actually counterproductive? Every time I hear the word marriage I start screaming inside. Every time an ad on TV shows a bride I walk out of the room. Every time my bestie teases me about a guy, I groan. Actually, verbally groan.
Please stop thinking that I’m not happy. Or not settled. Or not content. I have my core people. People who love me. People who will catch me if I fall. People who aren’t family but will shelter me if I needed it.
So please stop with the M word. The day I decide to marry someone, I promise you, you will be the first person to know.
Right now, I am okay being 30 and single because I am already happy. I just wish, that you could understand that and be happy as well.

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