I Am Reading Too Slow

Charles Chu reads 200 books a year (here’s how he does it). I have people on my Goodreads list who read up to 300 books in the same amount of time. I, on the other hand, read about 50 in a year. Last year I read a measly 21. I know it isn’t a numbers game. But I also know that my biggest regret, when I lay dying, is going to be that I haven’t been able to read every word ever written which is why I try hard to read as much as I possibly can.

I worry that I’m losing my pace if I haven’t lost it already. Lately, my reading has slowed down. In the last six months, I’ve only read 7 books, one of which was an illustrated book of one-liners from the very witty, Tyrion Lannister, which I browsed through at a bookstore as I waited for a friend. So that one shouldn’t even count. The book I finished late last night, took me 16 days to get through. Imagine, 16 days for a 350-something page book. And this is despite me reading every day!

I used to read both print and electronic formats, that too on every device I owned. I only read paperbacks now. I spend so much of my ordinary day in front of the screen that reading off a physical page is much more soothing. I used to read multiple books simultaneously; I now read a book cover-to-cover, and end up trudging through the middle of most works and take days to get to the end. Reading used to be the prime activity of my day, and now it is clubbed in with tens of other equally interesting tasks in my to-do list.

Considering I will only read paperbacks I already own (I have 405 unread ones lying in wait), and that I will read just one at a time, what will you suggest I do, to reach my reading goal, which is to read 100 books this year? (tracking my read list here)



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