Awful Reading Count

If there’s one new year resolution I make each year (and since 2013 I’ve taken it more seriously than previously), it is to read 50 books a year. Paperbacks. Ebooks. First-time reads. Reading a favourite again. Living my days in 1,000 page tomes or indulging in 100 page novellas that I can get through in less than an hour. Any format. Any genre. Any author. I’m open to them all. But the rule is – 50 books a year. Which is simply a book a week. It’s an easy goal. Except this year, might just be my worst one.

I read 29 books in 2013, that was  a bad one. In 2014 I enjoyed 60 books. Last year, I read 63. And this year? Only 19 so far. That’s awful! I have only two months left before the year ends and I really don’t see myself binge-reading to catch up.

I know, I know. You are about to say that it is the quality of books one reads, not quantity, that matters. Even one new book read is great, as long as I’m reading for pleasure. But there’s a reason why I aim to read a book a week. It’s to instil a sense of discipline. I generally suffer from short attention span. I may be doing something, say listening to a great jazz artist I’ve discovered on Apple Music, and a short while later I begin to itch to do something else. Maybe I’ll start browsing Longreads. Come to think of it, I blame the Internet for offering me so much to read, so much knowledge to absorb that I often get fidgety if I’m spending my time doing something that doesn’t add value to me. I may be writing a post on my blog about something specific, and lo! an epiphany, that must not escape. And I’ll open a new tab and start writing about something else entirely. I crave to do things, gain new experiences and thus my mind wanders to “what could I be doing instead?” even when what I’m doing at that instant is perfectly sane, sober and something that excites me.

Hence, the rule of 50. I’ve been a really slow reader this year. I’ve put down even lesser reviews on the blog. Absolutely inexcusable!

Can’t compensate for the lost time. Can get more stern with self – up the goal to 100 books next year. It’s going to be a long shot, but this will teach me to spend time doing things that I want to do, that I must do. Not be idle, not procrastinate, not wait for the phone to buzz in anticipation of texts from friends. Read. Meet Jane Austen. Meet Tolkien. Meet Agatha Christie. All through their works of course.

Chase life really – I’ve already lived half of it in terms of years, I don’t think I’ll go beyond the age of 60. Ofcourse, I want to, and each day after that shall be a bonus, but I think of 60 as my end date.

So yes, too many books to read before I go to sleep.

#Goal 2017 – Read 100 books this year. 



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