Why Write?

I made myself promise that I would write more consistently, with as much vigour as I used to during college. I have been tuned to rationalise most acts that occupy my energy and time. So this is what I came up with when I asked myself why in the world should I display any enthusiasm at all about sitting in the dead of night with only an occasional bat flying past my window, for company, when I could comfortably be snoring instead (not that I really snore).


To free the mush
To let it all gush
To draw away the boundaries
To draw some boundaries
To feel more whole
To feel a less incomplete
To feel more blessed
To feel free
To be myself
To abandon all caution
To retain some grace
To allow myself some sins
To repent for ones I’ve committed instead
To feel hundred pounds lighter
To banish away my conscience
To feel full
To be happy
To find my vocation
To free the mind of its webs
To commit my secrets to words
To pen my existence
To abandon all pretense
To stay away from judgements
To say the truth out loud once
To read the truth a hundred times more


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