Of Mice and Men by John Steinbeck


A beautiful story of two men, wanderers, who shuttle from town to town to work at ranches. George and Lenny are an odd couple, one of those who needs to look out for each other. George is an average guy with dreams of his land. Lenny, strongly built, is the slow one, slow at understanding things, slow at remembering. It is thus that George is always looking out for him, keeping him out of trouble, running with him when he does something wrong and becomes a fugitive.

Lenny is really an innocent man, a big baby, who loves nothing more than petting mice and rabbits, a pup and sometimes the fabric of a pretty dress worn by a girl. His immense physical strength however often means he ends up hurting those he only intends to pet and love. And it is with this that George must live with, always rescuing Lenny, leaving behind his dreams.

A complex but strong bond exists between the two men. They are both dependent on each other, and they both share the same dream, of owning a small piece of land that they can call their own. That is perhaps what makes the end such a brilliant one, for you can’t help falling in love with Lenny and feeling sorry for him, about how he frets that George might leave him or not let him have his rabbits because he might be upset.

I don’t know why I’m generally shy of classics, but after reading this one, I’m sure going to give them a chance more often.

Absolutely loved it!

Rating: 5 Stars (A great read!)

Published: 1937|Pages: 107|Genre: Classics


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