Here’s the thing about life…

It feeds you, it leads you and just when you think things are perfect it begins to kill you. You don’t fail to find happiness. Even the smallest things will delight you. But slowly and surely life begins to creep up on you. All those moments, when you felt blessed are flicked away, like the way you’d swat at a fly. You begin to doubt yourself. You contemplate letting go. But the worst feeling of all is when you realize that you are truly at your own mercy. That there won’t be another, no friends, no family. Just you in your beauty and beastly, just you in the bold and the bleeding.

So here’s the thing about life… it just is the way it is meant to be. Not better or worse. It is your choice: to moan and groan, to hurt and erupt. Or to walk long after the sun has set, the roads have ended, the shutters shut. To delight in your own company. That is what life can’t take away from you.

You own mind. Your own heart. Your own soul.


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