On My Love of Reading (NaPoWriMo #6)

What of the world and the conversations to be had?
Of the incessant, noisy chatter and gossips
Of who said what to whom and why

Leave me out of such social settings
That require me to watch my dresses
Perhaps, even my weight

I’m of another world, right here,
Curled up with this tome of a book
That has stories of the kind where I can choose
To be just one man or the best of many

Where I find romance in the fairytale style
Next minute being a warrior of some kind
Perhaps even a villainous woman once in a while
But mostly a heroine, all pretty and divine

Where I fret not, fear none
Yet live the lives of those who do
Where opportunities abound,
and challenges even more

Where I can belong to a history past,
Or a future with flying cars
Where I can work in the paddy fields of China now
Then fly on a mission to space when done

Where I learn to be patient
For I can’t simply skip to happily ever after
Where I must flip a page at a time
For every man’s part to be told

Here I can be anybody I wish to be
With no inhibitions, no time limits,
And none of the judgements that society serves

This is the world I live and love
Where imagination let’s me believe,
That all of it, is possible

And then with millions of such worlds in my hands
What fascination would your’s hold for me?
What of the world and the conversations to be had?
I’m already living a dream beyond any you dream


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