Stop and Stare

There are nights like these, few and far in between, when I stop and stare.. stare and give myself up to that part of the night that has nothing to do with me.

It is a night you want to enjoy alone and yet you’re not lonely.  It is a night when you just leave behind all the hassles and struggles of the day and simply let your brain go crazy counting stars and wondering if you’ve already accounted for a particular one.


It is the kind of night that inspires romantics and poets alike, that is if they aren’t already the same people.  But tonight you are neither of them. Instead, you stare at all those city lights and wonder how is it that they manage to pierce through those dark, fluffy clouds, giving them an eerie look? It is as though the heavens were retaliating in return and saying, ‘You dare to defile my beauty?’ (Ahh! What an intense emotion from an atheist!)

You just wish there was a switch somewhere to turn off all those man-made lights and sounds.  The fact that you’re holding onto a cell phone to express your feelings on a blog at the same time, somehow seems excusable.

To say that this night is magical is perhaps incorrect.  All nights are exactly like this one. It’s just that tonight I’ve decided to stop and stare. And it feels amazing.


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