To A Party

I went partying to a party

where there were many a drinks and dances

and I loved the twirls and the swirls

while envious people were held up outside

I enjoyed the music that vibrated through my spine

And learnt to tap dance too

I loved the lighting of the place

That set in me just about the right mood

But then came the crescendo

The dark turn of events

Where dark music unleashed a fury

And beasts bared their fangs

Escape was impossible,

Nor could I hide

Run I could,

But somehow I did not

For I was so drunk in the spirit

The beast made for me,

The poor little thing that I was

I never recovered from the loss

Injured was I,

and I turned to find a shoulder

But all I got were cold ones,

the kind that vampires offer

And I realised in that moment,

This party was never the one I was invited to

And I had been so very mistaken

To attempt a footing in that setting

Now I try to find my feet to stand my ground

But suddenly it’s so dark I can’t find my way around

The music continues to blare way too loud

And all that once were my loved ones, have now become a crowd

No one sees me really for what I have become

And if ever I had a being, I have just turned invisible

And in all the ashes and the smoke of the people

I find myself evaporating, lost as it were, of all that I knew to be true


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