The Rat Lord

He did not have a name. Well, he was a rat, you don’t really expect the rat community to name their offspring at birth! Well, let’s say you are a kid who insists on this rat having a name, then I name him…Dolby.

So Dolby was a rat who lived in the sewers in the City’s main drainage system. Rather ugly place for you, but for him, I must say it was quite palatial… the freedom to choose to live in whichever pipe one wanted, the unlimited supply of rotting garbage, hundreds of thousands of other rats, especially the fat, female ones… for Dolby it was a life worth being a rat for.

Now you’d expect this City to be ordinary. And it was. But one day, Dolby found a rather huge chunk of cheese near the opening of one of the gutters. It was as big as a car. Dolby couldn’t believe his eyes. He looked up and down the street…, which was pretty deserted…,which was strange to him…and then he spotted another chunk of cheese. This one was nearly twelve feet in height.


‘I must be dreaming’, he thought to himself. Whether or not he was dreaming, he did not waste any time in finding out. Within seconds he was on his all fours… actually he was always on his all fours… and he began to ravish the cheese. He kept working on it, day after day and a strange thing started happening.

The more Dolby ate, the larger he grew in size, and the more he ate the hungrier he grew. Soon, he was the largest, fattest rat the world had ever seen. The other rats were now scared of him, for he could squeak like a lion… actually a lion roars but Dolby’s squeak was now so loud that it sounded like a roar. The rats began to worship him. He became their king and was offered all the rats’ savings. But Dolby did not really care for their garbage. He feasted on the cheese and when one mound of cheese would get over, Dolby would soon discover another piece, larger than the previous one.

This continued for days, until Dolby finally came across…a mountain of cheese. This time he was enchanted. The world was going to be his kingdom. Until now he was glorified only by the rats. Soon other creatures of the drain and dark would follow and then eventually he would take up on the humans.

With this thought in mind, Dolby set foot on the mountain and began to climb it, so that he could savour it from top down. When he reached the top, he let out a mighty squeak and roared, ‘I will be your ruler!’

‘Oh you wish! Don’t you?’.

Dolby looked down to see who had dared interrupt him. It was the mountain of cheese. It could speak! He looked closely. Wait…were there some whiskers… even some fur… and were those gleaming, white…teeth…was he looking inside the mouth of….

…and right then his sleepy eyes opened wide completely … but a second too late….he heard the unmistakable ‘Meow’.


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