I have in my life so far been witness to a number of terrorist incidents both in Mumbai and beyond. But nothing beats the nightmare that began 20 hours earlier. The sheer plan of action being executed by the terrorists seems brazen. Fanned out across South Mumbai targeting a hospital, a café, a railway station, a residential complex and two extremely posh and popular hotels, where the terrorists continue to lay siege, has come under the attack.

In this past night I have watched as top cops lose their lives in gun battles, numerous explosions and fires break out, people die, people are rescued and the heritage building of Taj keeps going up in flames.

I’m at present out of the city but I have lived there long enough to have my heart beat to the rhythm of the bustling noise of the city. And I know today must have been a freezing day for the denizens.

Of course there are tons of people with tons of ideas to deal with this. Some say the government is weak, some blame the inefficiency of the law enforcing forces, some believe in shoot-at-sight funda while others continue to be apathetic. I don’t see why anyone should think otherwise, but knowing & having loved the city as I do, it breaks my heart to see anything disrupt its glory and glamour and make it so vulnerable in this manner. I’m no better at devising strategies and bringing up a foolproof plan but as the hours tick away I can only hope that what we lose in this battle doesn’t mar our souls and spirit too badly.



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