Goodbye Gloria

Bereavement from a loved one tears at one’s heart. It leaves behind a trail of memories in its wake and an emptiness inside. There are tears, ‘what if’s’ and recalls from the past. To lose Gloria is like having lost my baby. Being with her for 7 years, ever since she was about a month old, has created bonds which now seem difficult to pen down in the past tense. Having never once thought of outliving her, her sudden departure has hit me hard. Somehow the fact isn’t even sinking in. I can’t believe that I’m never again going to see her again. I have never thought of our family minus her and to do so now seems not only detestable but outrageous too.  I wonder if she suffered in her last moments, if she wanted to see us. She was a dog alright, but never have I nor any of my family thought of her being less than a human. She was our baby, the most loved one, the most pampered one and now we wont be able to pat her ever again.

Post Script:

I miss her today more than most days, I just wish I could go and hug her… and she would have undoubtedly made me feel better.


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