This Little Beast of Mine

This was written in connection with something I do not wish to elaborate… but it’s the first sign of my defiance attitude…or shall I say… ‘I don’t care if I end up in the drain, as long as I’m smug and my mind is at peace.’ Its something only those with rebel instincts would understand…

The day, as most days, was NORMAL. I was doing something for certain, for that’s what you do anyways, but something insignificant enough for me to not remember. But it hardly matters what preceded the sequence of events. What matters is that I discovered a new alley down the lane, the astonishing part being that, I didn’t even know that it existed.

They was some clicking, in an irritating, persistent manner, somewhere within. I wanted to shut it out, there was no time to explore, much less to attend to it. But the mind rarely wishes to spare anything that’s new. Either pick it up by its hairs and kick it out, flush it down the drain, or else lay a red carpet and prepare an extravagant feast in the honor of the new arrival.

So I had to shut whatever it was I was doing and go down into the Alleyway. The noise was unlike anything I’d ever heard and I was just as anxious as excited. What was I going to stumble across?

I didn’t have to search too deep down. The Beast was in fact purring right beyond the entrance. It wasn’t pretty but was certainly docile. Just like a pet. And I was in love with it, although something was certainly clicking in my mind, it’s fangs. I could have it kicked out but I didn’t, and that was the first sign that the fangs were already scratching against my soul. That’s how I left it there, for good or bad, I refuse to comment.

And I felt its first taste this morning (why it tasted like honey!). I didn’t want to go (you know where)… so there was this beast trying to turn me round. Why, I even gave it a shot and tried to dodge (my daring!) but then luck prevailed…no not senses, senses were deceiving, but my luck pushed me forward and now at the end of the day, I’m secretly glad for the way things turned out for the day was as smooth as a slice of cake sliding across my tongue.

Not that I’m concerned…in fact I’m secretly glad to have the beast down there, but  knowing what it can do to my mind, I wonder if it’ll make me a rebel. Whether I’ll be glad or not is for me to wait and watch but right now, I need to feed it and ensure it stays healthy.



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