2007: The Year That Was

It’s nearly the dusk of this year. As will always be, the earth will continue its cycle of orbiting around the sun (unless it’s that damned time when the universe begins to disintegrate), ushering in heat, rain & snow (if I don’t include the global warming aspect), all with the turn of the year. For me, it’s the time to pack away this year’s thoughts and begin afresh with the New Year that’s now only a day away.

Let me start with what I’m going to be doing in this New Year. Not that there are resolutions as such, for I shall not be able to keep them anyways (And hey! Who wants a routine life that’s been planned in advance?). These are things I’m going to TRY doing in this coming year. (Does it still amount to the same thing as a Resolution?)

For starters, I shall read at least 50 new books this year. Had the same plan for 2007 as well, had even put it up as a new year resolution, but with me and resolutions not going hand in had, I’ve only managed with 23 new books. So that’s just halfway through my aim! So for 2008, it’s going to be another shot at 50 new books that averages to about 1 per week. And honestly, with college and all it isn’t an easy feat to accomplish.

Second thing; I’m going to get more organized with blogging. I initially started my blog with the aim of only posting my work, that’s poems and stuff. But now, I’m going to get a little more of myself out in the virtual world (that’s my personal nonsensical ramblings).

Third, I’m going to try my hand at a few things I haven’t had much opportunity at which includes learning to play the guitar, painting and photography.

So that’s the idea of me being in 2008.

Now for some reflection on what this past year has been.

On the whole eventful and good. Now that’s saying something.

Started off with another crush ending up in rumbles…but well, no sighs for this one. Sometimes I can honestly degrade my own tastes in times of desperation (ok, I know I’m getting immodest here). Then came in the season of love, good times with a lot of smiles, stretched on for about 8 months or honestly speaking 4 months or perhaps it was just 2 months or… I don’t know. The truth is I don’t know when it ended and why but it ended in yet another fiasco. I sometimes wonder if I’m a disaster when it comes to a relationship. But I’m not brooding over it. For some reason I’m glad it’s over. I like myself this way (but if only someone who could love me…Sigh!)

Ok, I’m over it. Talking academically, not much of a rise but I’m getting ahead at a steady pace. And for once an entire series of events is turning out smoothly. Right now it’s all hush, hush till I really get to the end (I’ve got a particular superstition about jinxing a thing by mentioning it), but it’s been good so far this year.

That’s about all I can point out to in the entire year (with 365 days!). Surely more things have happened, in fact lots of things have happened, but I would rather do them more justice by dedicating individual posts to them in future when they link up with something that happens at a later time. For now, it’s been a good year (with troubled love life, but I’m learning & improving, surely I’ll be much better next time…Lol). Really looking forward to the New Year, minus of course the exam I have on 3rd Jan (I mean whose brilliant idea was it to schedule an exam on just the 3rd day of the New Year?)… Oh! And minus the tooth surgery I’m supposed to undergo (Ya! It’s going to be painful. My dentist tried comforting me by saying it won’t hurt just that for 2-3 days I would be on a restricted diet, and have a swollen hollow where the tooth would no longer be. I wonder how can something like that happen and not hurt. So much for my good, dear dentist). But apart from these two things coming up next month, I’m certain to make it grand this new season.



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