The Lifeless Body

I guess, just about everyone has ‘one of those days’, which I define as far from being happy, more precisely, (just to be subtle) gloomy days. What one feels (& thinks) could be extremely variable but there is no doubt, that for all, it’s like looking down into an abyss of void. I have given that feeling a life of its own…’coz it pays a visit (at least to me) as if it was a casual guest. He is what I call ‘The lifeless body’. And this is how he is…

Like a tattered garment, its shreds blow in the wind. It threatens to be ripped apart from its soul. Like some thirsty animal, it is in search of just one drop of water. It is like a stranded person in a desert, looking for an oasis. Time and again his senses fool him. He comes very close to being ecstatic, the madness of having his wish fulfilled, when suddenly he realizes its all a trick of the nature.

Umpteen times he has been let down. Sometimes even stamped upon. But this crazy soul isn’t a quitter. He knows how to fight and fights well. Someday you might see him lurking in the shadows behind your curtains, but even before you can take a second glimpse, he’ll be gone.

It’s all very well to say that he isn’t my responsibility, why the hell do I care? But the truth is you do care. His presence is filled with void, and when your sparkling, shimmering feelings begin to dissolve, he shall pay a visit to you.



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