Lost in the Wilderness

Lost in the wilderness of love

With not a being in sight

All around is darkness now

Not a spark of light

She walks barefoot

On the roads of this land

Which were laid with roses once

Now reduced to sand

No wrong she had ever done

Or sinned against anyone

All her fault was that

She had fallen in love

But I wouldn’t’t blame her for that

Love is a sacred emotion

Not just for two lovers

For mother daughter and just anyone

But love has its own ups and downs

And not all is merry and gay

For your lover might just turn you down

Or simply run away

So begins the story

Of this once beautiful girl

Who when walked across this land

Would make the whole world swirl

Her beauty was unimaginable

With a smile so carefree

And eyes set deep

As the mighty blue sea

So many were enchanted

By her gorgeous looks

And many of them craved

For just a little look

Then one day she met a man

Who was strong and mighty

She felt her life was now complete

She didn’t’t have to travel anywhere

He showered her with many gems

And lots of love

And she kept them carefully

Some in house

Some in heart

She spent days of great fun

In his cheerful company

And then one day she revealed this secret

To her friends and family

They refused, they didn’t’t like him

But she was firm and decided

So one dark night they eloped

And then in a small cottage

The two resided

The beginning was good

A happy home and all

There were lots of pleasant nights and days

Until there came a call

The call was not as important

As was something else

That he had not told her so far

As to where he really dwells

A million thunderbolts

And even the fiercest of storms

Would not be able to match

That one unforgettable dawn

He told her he was untrue to her

Back home there was a family of his

Where he had a daughter and two sons

And his very own wife

He was already married

And a happy man till then

But when he saw her for the first time

He was lost in her

He knew he had done wrong

Had betrayed her until now

He was ashamed and apologized

But what was done

Could not be undone.

Now a call had come

Asking him to be back

His youngest son had died

And as a father he had to go back

He told her his family

Now needed him

He must go back

And repent for his sin

She sat there helpless

Watching him pack

Knowing that once he went

He would never return back

Not that she had forgiven him

But the love was still there

And then in her womb she carried

That little one of whom he was unaware

She wanted to share this great news

That he was to be a proud dad soon

But he had never cared so much

As to lay the baby in her womb

He had lost a son

Was that her fault?

If he had a family there

Why did he marry her then?

She had loved and her love was pure

Unlike his lustful desires

Yet that greed crept in her

She wanted him there with her

But not a word she spoke

She watched that untruthful man of hers

As he wept for the punishment he received

For sinning with her

He left her forever then

To go far, far away

Leaving her all alone

Here, to stay

She knew not where to go

Return home to her parents she could not

This city, town all were new

And many knew her not

So she stayed there

Hoping little for his return

Months passed quickly

And soon in her arms played her son

She watched his tiny body

Sometimes laugh, sometimes cry

‘Oh my darling baby

All I can give you but your father’

I know not what happened then

She travelled to that city of his

Where he and his family without one son

Had started all over again

She reached his doorstep

Early one dawn

A knock she could

But she did not

She gently laid her baby

Wrapped in nice warm clothes

On the front step of his door

And watched her baby once more

A tear fell from her eyes

On his soft rosy cheek

And her heart cried out

A million more times

A last glimpse she took

And kissed her child goodbye

And then ran away somewhere

Far, far away

He and his family welcomed the child

As their own one

Thanked God for gifting them this orphan

Who would now be their son

The child had the same blue eyes

And the very same smile

And he instantly knew that

This was indeed his son

He rushed out to see

If she still awaited him

But she had already left……

Rather he had left her long ago

So the child lives even today

With his dad, mom and his own wife and kids

Who have grown up now

With those same eyes of his

As for her she had run away

Into the dark wilderness

Which spreads to infinity…

I watch her walk there even today

Lost in the wilderness of love

Searching for her baby and him

Which all disappeared somewhere in this wilderness



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